The best tip to survive this year of politic-ing


Politics never really end. Even when an election is over, the negative comments, back-stabbing, and general maliciousness doesn’t end. Not to mention it appears on every level. And don’t forget the political corruption which seems to happen on all sides. How can you survive the bull&#!t? I have a tip I’m willing to share with you.

Don’t pay attention to it. 

Coca Cola and Pepsi fighthingPolitics make me angry and upsets my stomach. People have a clear divide and often politicians don’t really understand what the people, as a whole, want or need.. I compare it to the idea of a “jury of your peers.” Really?

At this point in the game, I believe the majority know who they want to vote for, not necessarily because of an individual but for them it may be more about party. The undecideds? They really aren’t all that undecided.

My position is if a politician can’t tell me why “they” should be the choice without bringing up the opponent, I have little respect for you. This belief comes from many years in sales where I learned there is no benefit in bashing and trashing your competitor. Ultimately, the person you are trying to sale to has their own criteria for who they will chose whether it be price, personality, offerings, etc. The same applies to politics.

So, clean up your RSS feeds; avoid the talking heads and daytime talk shows; use your PVR; skip the op-ed; mind your social media feeds; and know it’s ok to not be pulled into the fray.


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