Hey Internet, say it to my face!

Our experiences in life drive our opinions. And at one timeĀ the only folks who knew your opinions were those closest to you: family, friends and maybe a few co-workers. We didn't have to agree but we respected another's position and left it at that. Times have changed. The Internet has expanded our reach to share... Continue Reading →

What defines a racist?

Growing up a little black girl in the South... This statement sounds like the beginning of a really good book. It's also the beginning of testimonies any Southern black woman can continue based on her experience. There could be so many stories told but how many would include a tale about experiencing racism and prejudice.... Continue Reading →

Can you really not worry about it?

I've always been an anxious person who worried. It started in childhood, continued through my teenage years into adulthood. Today, I work hard not to worry about "things" but it's a struggle, a hard struggle. I no longer say "I'm not going to worry about it" because, I ask, can you really not worry about... Continue Reading →

Find Your Own Soapbox

Recently my cousin shared a post onĀ Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Huffington Post on her Facebook feed. The post "The Hypocrisy Hall of Fame: Schwarzenegger and Marriage Equality" by Michael B. Keegan, provides an interesting look at Schwarzenegger's comments and actions around Proposition 8 in light of his own marriage infidelity (or infidelities, we shall see).... Continue Reading →

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