Find Your Own Soapbox

Recently my cousin shared a post on Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Huffington Post on her Facebook feed. The post “The Hypocrisy Hall of Fame: Schwarzenegger and Marriage Equality” by Michael B. Keegan, provides an interesting look at Schwarzenegger’s comments and actions around Proposition 8 in light of his own marriage infidelity (or infidelities, we shall see). My response was “Brilliant! Will definitely share this.” One of her FB friends responded with her feelings about the definition of marriage. I wanted to tell her to find another soapbox, preferably her own.

I would say the same thing to a certain church that chooses the WRONG venues for preaching their agenda. Are they being effective creating a soapbox at the funerals of servicemen and women, other church services, or comedy shows? Why is their church as a platform (or soapbox) not enough? Which makes me think it’s more about publicity versus true beliefs.

Get off my soapbox!

Why do we use another’s platform to spew, I mean share our thoughts and beliefs? Do we not have enough friends on our social media platforms to champion our thoughts?

Maybe it’s just that time in my life that I don’t want to be told what I should believe (ok, that’s been my issue my entire life). I like to be able to create my own thoughts based on my own convictions. Most of the time, if I don’t ask, I don’t care. Harsh? Sorry but that’s me on my soapbox. And I respect you on yours. I guess I’m not the kind of person who enjoys a spirited debate just for the sake of debating.

Luckily, if you want an online soapbox, it’s pretty easy to get one. A blog on WordPress or Tumblr is free. You can get a website URL for $10 a year and set up a site on Google at no cost.

Choose the right spot for your soapbox. It can make the difference in changing someone’s mind or turning someone away.

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  1. I started writing this post on May 23rd but waited to post it. Watching Oprah’s final show today, she used a better term for soapbox. She called it a “Circle of Influence.” Thanks Oprah.

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