Let’s wait on talking about weight

Can we please, I implore you, stop talking about or commenting on people’s weight? I am not a tiny chick. I have never been. Like most women (and men), I have struggled with my weight. The struggle is real, whether it was getting rounder at my grandmother’s house during summer vacations or dropping several sizes... Continue Reading →

Why I’m anti-diet / anti-losing weight

When I was in high school, I was larger than some of the girls in my class. I thought I was fat. Looking back and going through some of the pictures from high school, I realize I wasn't fat at all. I was a wonderful healthy weight with wonderful healthy curves. The reality is at... Continue Reading →

I’m back

I wasn't really gone, just a bit lazy. Now, after starting a blog for Hodes Canada, I have a better understanding of this blogging business.So I am back and what an interesting time to be back...during an election year. As you know, there is plenty of sniping during an election year. The interesting thing is... Continue Reading →

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