Vacation is Over!

Today is my first day back in the office after seven days vacation. Not too bad of a first day back but you have to build up to it, that’s for sure.

While on vacation, I ventured to the beautiful city of Boston. The city of clam chowder (yummy), Red Sox (not the kind you put on your feet), and so much history it made my head spin. It has been a long, long time since I took American History but I can say that it all seemed to start in Boston. Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, the Declaration of Independence, Crispus Attucks, the Boston Tea Party – it truly is an amazing city and I am honored to have been a guest for five days.

As I have gotten older, I try to see the good in everything. I don’t like for my choices to cloud or belittle someone else’s. It just doesn’t seem right and plus, I have never liked people doing that to me. I believe if we pay attention, there is good everywhere. Now let me apply this to my visit to Boston.

First, one of my best friends lives in the area. Alicia moved to Boston in 2001 to be with her man. They were married in 2005 and now she is expecting her first child, a little boy. I went to visit her, actually surprise her at her baby shower on Saturday. So Boston has that going for it. One of my closest friends lives there.

Boston has great history and great shopping. But it also has some crazy driving, crazier parking issues, and it’s expensive. I lucked out and found a hotel (for my first night – I would be staying with Alicia and her family the rest of the time) for a decent price. A price I am accustomed to. But when I was looking, I thought I would be spending all my shopping money on a room. That would be a travesty!

I had a great time there and I am still awed by being able to see this great place. Being in Boston helped me appreciate again being an American, being part of the history of this country. There’s always controversy. Always! We don’t always do the right things. But we must be sincere with our apology and not make the same mistake again. I’m thinking about the Pilgrims and the Indians.

Have you heard of Crispus Attucks? He was on of the first to be killed in the Boston Massacre. I know about Crispus Attucks because I learned about him when I was young. He is part of my history being an African American or Black person in the US. I saw the place he fought for American Independence. I saw the place his body rested before burial. This was in 1770. We know how many rights a Black man had in 1770 but he was there and he died there. Funny but that, to me, is what makes us great but also what links us together. Why is there racism when folks who have died for our country didn’t die in the name of either black, white, red, brown, etc.? I guess that’s something we forget.

After taking the tour of Boston, I realized I have never taken a tour of Vancouver and I have been here for six years. I will be taking that tour this summer, maybe even on Canada Day. We will see.

Another great thing about being in Boston was seeing my friend. Alicia is going to have her first baby soon (maybe even on my birthday) and she is happy. Guess what? That makes me happy! She will be a great mom.

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