What’s in a name?

“Bond, James Bond.”
“They call me Mr. Tibbs.”

I have recently started the long process of changing my name. No, not to hide from the feds (funny!) but returning back to my maiden name.

Since September 2000, I used the last name of my ex-husband. Now seven years later, I choose to return to my maiden name after a divorce.

There was so much joy and happiness in learning to write my new name. I think I may have skipped into the Social Security office to complete the first step in adopting my new married name. Banking, credit cards, employers, insurance, magazines…I was elated to let all these people know I had gotten married and was a new person.

Seven years later and one year after the divorce is final, I am returning to the name my daddy gave me. I even went as far to ask my dad if I could have it back. He agreed and even welcomed me back. Way cool! But the process in going back to my maiden name hasn’t been an easy one. Some could say it is because of the reason. I just think it has more to do with the necessity of it.

I knew this day would come. I knew before the divorce was final that I would return to my maiden name. If I had children, it would be a different story. I would probably still be using my ex-husbands last name, for my children’s sake.

I have to consider the person I have become during the last seven years, particularly the last four. I’m much stronger and smarter, more optimistic on some things and wiser. Overall, I think I’m a better person. And the me I am now, with my name should get credit for that.

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