Redifining the phrase "gone hiking"

Today the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, admitted that the real reason for his being MIA was that he was in Argentina with his mistress instead of the Appalachian Trail as a member of his staff stated. I think I want to add “gone hiking” as a new term to the urban dictionary.

In my opinion this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is about trust.

If Joe Q. Public or Joan Q. Public cheated on their significant other, it’s an issue of trust. For me, when it’s an elected official, it goes a bit deeper. You see, these people choose to become public figures and often promise to do the best for their constituents. But then I wonder about how I fit into the overall picture.

If they could lie to the person they say they love and blatantly jeopardize their relationship with their children, than where do I stand in the scheme of things as just a constituent, just a voter they don’t know.

Gov. Sanford felt it was necessary to let the public know his wife has known about the affair for five months. So? Does that make it right? That only lets me know how stupid (a word I don’t like to use to describe someone) it was for Gov. Sanford to fly to Argentina to be with his mistress for 7 days in the first place. And I read somewhere he said he cried all the time he was there. Ok, I’m supposed to believe that too?

It seems that with the growing list of cheating politicians (male and female), many still don’t learn.

The question is…is marital infidelity a sign of political infidelity? Maybe one day we will truly know the answer.

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