My Cell Phone, My Home Phone and Me

And Skype, Google+ Hangout, and Google Voice I'm not ready! I can't and will not justify it. I will not give up my home phone for just a cell phone and a cell phone number. I feel I have good reason. The cell plans and costs for those plans in Canada are very different than the unlimited ones... Continue Reading →

The Debate Wages On

I'm in an interesting position. I am a US citizen living in Canada with permanent resident status. This means I have access to and covered by the Canadian health care system. On my recent trip to Dallas, whenever someone learned I lived in Canada, the first question was about the health care system. This was... Continue Reading →

Redifining the phrase "gone hiking"

Today the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, admitted that the real reason for his being MIA was that he was in Argentina with his mistress instead of the Appalachian Trail as a member of his staff stated. I think I want to add "gone hiking" as a new term to the urban dictionary. In... Continue Reading →

History made!

Wow, Barack Obama is the new President elect of the United States of America. My greatest hope is that President elect Obama will be able to bring the country together. Of course, you can always expect a little resistance. And there are people who no matter what good he does, will always see some negative.... Continue Reading →

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