Practice Charity: It’s always the season for giving

Practice charity Most people are extremely charitable during the Christmas season. Tis the season, of course. But what about the rest of the year? This has been an extremely difficult year for me, especially financially. One of the things I missed most was not a new handbag, spa visit or weekend getaway. It was that... Continue Reading →

Why I support Movember

I believe it's around November 20th, when wives and girlfriends just can't talk it anymore. The Facebook statuses and Twitter updates communicates their pain. "I just want it gone" "It's not a good look for him" "Ugh, I hate this mustache" Well, ladies, suck it up. It's for a good cause. Movember is a worldwide... Continue Reading →

The Big Purge

One of the best comedy routines I have ever seen is George Carlin talking about "Stuff." George Carlin was truly a brilliant comedian (may he rest in peace). When he first did this routine when I could watch in on TV, I was a youngster or much younger than I am now. At that time,... Continue Reading →

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