My new favorite chocolate fix: cacao nibs

I have friends who live and the live ferociously by chocolate. They can smell it miles away. And they may tear you apart to get it.

My relationship with chocolate is a bit different since it’s not all chocolate for me, only select dessert items. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, German chocolate cake are my chocolate fixes. I can take or leave the rest. But I recently found something that takes the edge off and is good for you: Cacoa nibs.

Recent studies have shown that chocolate is a superfood and great for brain health. Score! But what’s really healthy is chocolate (dark) which is at least 70% cocoa content. Try taking it one step back with the cacao bean. Cacao nibs are the result of the cacao bean after it’s been broken into small pieces. Therefore, it’s chocolate in it’s raw form with a higher cocoa content.

Be prepared. Raw cacao nibs are an acquired taste. They will not taste like Hershey’s chocolate but will help you with your sugar cravings. What’s great is cacao nibs provide a host of health benefits. They are a great source of protein, antioxidants, magnesium (which is stress relieving) and fiber.

Navitas Naturals is my brand choice for cacoa nibs (and a host of other superfood items including chia and goji berries).

Next time you are in the health food store, consider cacao nibs. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried cacao nibs? What are your thoughts? Do you like them?

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