Why I’m anti-diet / anti-losing weight

When I was in high school, I was larger than some of the girls in my class. I thought I was fat. Looking back and going through some of the pictures from high school, I realize I wasn't fat at all. I was a wonderful healthy weight with wonderful healthy curves. The reality is at... Continue Reading →

Why I support Movember

I believe it's around November 20th, when wives and girlfriends just can't talk it anymore. The Facebook statuses and Twitter updates communicates their pain. "I just want it gone" "It's not a good look for him" "Ugh, I hate this mustache" Well, ladies, suck it up. It's for a good cause. Movember is a worldwide... Continue Reading →

My new favorite chocolate fix: cacao nibs

I have friends who live and the live ferociously by chocolate. They can smell it miles away. And they may tear you apart to get it. My relationship with chocolate is a bit different since it's not all chocolate for me, only select dessert items. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, German chocolate cake are my chocolate... Continue Reading →

What I would tell my 20 year old self?

Great things are going on at my high school alma mater, Bishop Dunne. The geek (not a bad word just a word that explains my love of technology) in me would have loved to be a student there now.¬†After all the weather Dallas has been getting lately, BD students can keep up with their school... Continue Reading →

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