Where you live

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate the city you live in?

I’m fortunate to experience the beauty of Vancouver every day. My daily drive to work allows me the chance to see the mountains on the North Shore, when it’s not raining of course. The mountains, dusted with snow near the peaks, make for a perfect picture.

North Shore Mountains - Grouse

Being a transplant, people are interested in knowing what brought me to Vancouver. But it’s the next question that always throws me…”Do you like it more than Dallas?” Big D is my hometown, where I was born and raised. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. But Vancouver is where I live. And while I see the beauty in Vancouver, I also see it in Dallas and the many other beautiful places I’ve called home.

Often we don’t take enough time to see it, the beauty that makes our cities so special. Our daily lives with to-do lists, housekeeping, and family obligations can stand in the way of seeing our city in the same way tourists see it.

I challenge you to take some time this month to explore and appreciate the city where you live.

Even in the midst of the busy holiday season consider why you like where you live and what’s beautiful and unique about it. Maybe it’s the incredible swing set in the backyard for your kids or a great tree-lined street. Share you thoughts about your city in comments. And if you can, take a picture and post it online.

Who knows? Your comments can help someone plan their next vacation.

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  1. As you know, I am in the same situation as you are. A lifelong Bostonian, now living in your hometown of Dallas. I firmly believe that it would take a long, long time in a new location, to even consider saying that you like it better than where you’re from. Unless that place is Newark. ;-). That being said, I think it’s different for everyone. I personally will never like Dallas more than Boston. I spent my whole life never having to drive more than 3 hours to do anything. Skiing, camping, the beach, the Cape, and New York City, just to name a few. From my perspective, the only thing my current city has over my hometown is cost of living. I find Dallas to be a lovely city. It’s very clean and easy to get around, but in my case, the idea of Dallas being better is not likely to be my stance. I do like it, though. 😉

    • I’ve lived in my fair share of different cities. It’s never about it being better than my hometown because that will always be home first. But home is where I live now too. And there has to be something beautiful about where you live at this moment or you wouldn’t live there.

      I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is in making comparisons. It’s unfair. And when we expect where we are to be like where we left, you will often be disappointed. My point is to appreciate the city where you live for the city it is.

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