You are not Juanita

Baby Mama DramaI read an article last week about a pro basketball player’s baby’s mother and all the drama. Yes, baby mama drama. Of course there is a lawsuit, media coverage, issues regarding a reality show he didn’t want her to appear on and so much more. One of the questions she’s asking is “why did he abandon her when she was seven months pregnant with his child?”

Granted, she probably has been asking herself this question for almost three years (their daughter is now 2). But could it also be related to the fact that he is now married and has another child on the way with his wife?

My question to her and the other women who choose to have children with professional athletes WITHOUT being married to them is “Why would you expect a different outcome?”. If it easily happens with regular people who don’t have the stardom, celebrity, money, and groupies, why do you think it won’t happen with those that do?

Yes, I know. A long and successful marriage is not guaranteed. Let me tell you, marriage is work and I say that from experience. But, in my humble opinion (IMHO), if you choose to have a baby with a professional athlete without any guarantees IN WRITING, you can’t be surprised when he leaves you high and dry, kicks you out of his home (he bought it right?), moves on to the next chick and possibly marries her.

I’m sure it’s happened in the history of time — a star player has stuck with his baby’s mom for the long haul. And yes, a star player married his baby’s mother, had other children, stayed together for a long time until the relationship ended and she walked away with allegedly one of the biggest settlements in celebrity divorce history. Just because it happened for her, does not mean it will happen for you.

Here’s my message to the ladies, professional athlete chasers or not…protect yourself. There are so many forms of birth control all you have to do is take your pick. And remember his obligation and responsibility is to the child not you, unless you are married or have it in writing. If you are hurt and angry and want to make his life hell, guess what? You will be in hell too!

Don’t worry guys, professional athletes or not. I’m not leaving you out of this post. Protect yourself. It’s difficult to turn it down when it’s being offered to you on a silver platter or even a Dixie plate. But if you aren`t prudent about your choices, you can expect the drama you may receive.

The last line of the article is

Y’all, please watch who you procreate with. Please.

Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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