My suggestions for next year’s Oscar telecast

I’m just a regular chick who loves movies. But not necessarily award shows.

The last Oscars’ telecast got some interesting press. I’m still trying to figure out the reason for that boob song and wondering at any time was it funny or entertaining. Luckily it wasn’t just me. Check out Jane Fonda’s blog post, My Night At The Oscars (And After).

empty microphone

Again, I’m a regular chick and I know hosting this show is difficult. Whoopi Goldberg has said this a number of times. So if hosting is difficult, you can tell from Twitter and Facebook updates that watching for the viewer can also be a  difficult. The millionaires sitting in the Dolby Theatre especially those nominated want to get to their category and learn if they are taking that Little Gold Man home. But we viewers are a little invested too ($$$ for movie tickets, popcorn, a drink and maybe a big bag of Skittles).

I’ve already shared my 10 favorite moments on Google+ (yes, Google+). In talking with a friend I came up with some ideas that may help next year.

  • Not all actors are funny without a script. Some aren’t funny with one. But there are a number of actors and actresses that have amazing comedic timing. We see it when they appear on talk shows or impromptu interviews. Use ’em. Give them a topic and let them ad-lib.
  • Some actors think they are funny but aren’t. Sitting through their presentation “lead-in” is painful. Just let them present the nominees. Who knows? It could save some time on the telecast.
  • Everyone loves an amazing singer. I would bet the highlight of most folks from this last Oscars ceremony was Dame Shirley Bassey, Jennifer Hudson, the cast of Les Miserable, Adele, and Barbra Streisand. Make sure next year’s show has some amazing singers that can bring down the house. Not someone whose popular at the moment but singers with some major skills.
  • I’m still for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting next year. Tina has already commented with this:

quote from tina fey

How do you think the Oscars can be improved for next year?

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