Managing Influence (rs)

In the past week, I have thought a lot about influence. I have had conversations about influence as it pertains to leadership in the workplace. I also talked with a couple of moms on different occasions about the influence of other kids on theirs just because I was in the right place and willing to... Continue Reading →

My suggestions for next year’s Oscar telecast

I'm just a regular chick who loves movies. But not necessarily award shows. The last Oscars' telecast got some interesting press. I'm still trying to figure out the reason for that boob song and wondering at any time was it funny or entertaining. Luckily it wasn't just me. Check out Jane Fonda's blog post, My Night At The... Continue Reading →

Dear Company X, you are not my everything

even though you really want to be. Most times, what's really interesting about a new blog post is how you got to the topic. One day, I will focus more on that. But today I want to talk to the many, many companies that vie for my attention and my consumer dollars. It's worth saying... Continue Reading →

“Look it up”

I happened to run across this story posted on Yahoo! today: ‘Who is Rodney King?’ ‘Who is Dick Clark?’ ‘The Titanic was real?!?’ How death, major news events expose Twitter’s generation gap Are you kidding me? I ask the question in jest because I know the answer. Being an avid fan and follower on Twitter,... Continue Reading →

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