What I learned (re-learned) in 2013

It’s simple:

I learned that God can do above and beyond my wildest dream.

Actually I knew this, on a smaller scale, but I experienced a manifestation of it beginning in October.

2013 was a difficult year for me. Or so I thought. I was laid off on January 2nd and was unemployed for a year. I know other people have experienced the same thing but in the past, I was always able to “bounce back.” When I did a count of the number of resumes I sent and jobs I applied to in 2013, it was well over 300. Of that I have very few interviews.

While I was in despair because of this situation, I forgot to rely on God and know that The Almighty is in control.

Before I go on, I realize some folks who read this post may not have the same beliefs I do. Please know and understand I respect another person’s belief, as long as it doesn’t hurt others and they are also respectful, in kind.

I didn’t know what I was going to do and I was losing hope. Few people knew the position I was in because I wasn’t vocal that I needed help. And when I finally shared it, on Facebook no less, and finally became open about moving, the tables turned.

There are people you know and people who know you. It was a person who knows me that helped me get a job at a great company with amazing benefits, and also move for that job. I’m writing this post from my new home in Southern California. After living in Canada for 12 1/2 years, I’m back in the good old U S of A.

Southern California sunset

But before all this happened, I cried and prayed and meditated. I “was” the type of person who didn’t want to bother God with my issues because so many other people needed help. But when I start praying AND asking for prayer, things truly changed.

I believe in God because I’m not smart enough to do this life alone. I need help… in getting to the right place, meeting the right people, learning the things I need to learn but I realize it’s not just for me. It’s so I can help others not just in giving financially or volunteering but also sharing my story, my testimony. Did you read my last post Practice Charity: It’s always the season for giving?

I believe God will put people in your life to help you and I’m excited about what 2014 has to bring, for me and for what I will do to help others.

Will it be all roses and butterflies moving forward? There will probably be some hurdles but I feel stronger moving forward knowing that I’m not walking this path alone.

With that I’d like to say thank you for being a part of my community through this blog. Also, thank you to my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who were there for me during this year.

I wish for all of you and yours a healthy, happy, blessed and joyous 2014.

Happy New Year 2014

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