Practice Charity: It’s always the season for giving

Practice charity

Most people are extremely charitable during the Christmas season. Tis the season, of course. But what about the rest of the year?

acts of kindness

This has been an extremely difficult year for me, especially financially. One of the things I missed most was not a new handbag, spa visit or weekend getaway. It was that I wasn’t able to give like I normally do. I feel strongly that I’ve been blessed and truly enjoy sharing and being a blessing to others. This year I was limited when I know so many others were in a similar position as myself or worse.

In preparing for an upcoming move I started going through my house looking for items I could donate. I boxed and bagged food from my pantry to give to the local food shelter. I boxed shoes, clothes, electronics, and other household appliances and delivered them to a local women’s shelter. They were so grateful for my donation, I couldn’t help but cry when I got back in my car. The thought that someone (or several someones) will benefit from what I gave was overwhelming.

Sometimes we don’t have the money to donate to a worthy cause. But there are other ways to give. Pair down and purge items in your home you don’t use or haven’t used or worn in the last 1 to 2 years.  There’s also time you can give to a worthy charity in your area. Lend your expertise. You won’t regret it.

To learn more about charities, their structure and how to best select a charity to support, visit the Learning By Giving Foundation.

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