Celebrate the Winter Solstice

If there's not enough for you to celebrate this time of year, why not add the Winter Solstice to the list? The Winter Solstice marks the time of year that the North Pole is farthest away from the sun, resulting in a shorter and darker day. It's the official start of winter. From this day... Continue Reading →

It’s the thought that counts

We are only a couple of days away from Christmas and let this be a reminder to all of you who constantly eye the tree and shake boxes -- it's the thought that counts. Or at least I thought that was the intention behind this holiday. Sometimes we forget it's not just about what we... Continue Reading →

I wonder…

~Why it takes so long (if ever) to agree to disagree? ~Why, for some, kindness from others is expected but they can't give it? ~Why people love to argue? ~If complaining about the weather gives comfort? ~Why people have to be right? ~Why some don't think before they speak? ~Why people talk about things they... Continue Reading →

If I was a celebrity publicist

Being a true fan of television/film/theater, I've always been fascinated by celebrity publicists. At one time in my early adult life, I imagined their life to be glamorous. Publicists were part of a celebrity's big 3: manager, accountant, publicist. Today I feel a little bit sorry for them because I don't believe celebrities (and┬ácelebutantes) truly... Continue Reading →

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