Mental Health: My thoughts and experience

In early May, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the 2013 BC HRMA Conference and Tradeshow. My role as the MC for the Speaker's Corner in the Tradeshow made it possible for me to meet a number of the company representatives exhibiting and those selected to speak in the the Speaker's Corner. Several exhibitors stood... Continue Reading →

My Cell Phone, My Home Phone and Me

And Skype, Google+ Hangout, and Google Voice I'm not ready! I can't and will not justify it. I will not give up my home phone for just a cell phone and a cell phone number. I feel I have good reason. The cell plans and costs for those plans in Canada are very different than the unlimited ones... Continue Reading →

My Olympic Fashion Likes and/or Wants

The Olympic Closing Ceremonies were Sunday and I'm going through 2012 Olympic withdrawal. Instead of coming home to my NBC time delay, I'm searching for something to keep my attention on television. When the Games opened on Friday, July 27th, I was a strong critic of the fashion from various nations. As an American, I... Continue Reading →

Happy 125th Birthday Vancouver!

Wow, time flies! Vancouver became my adopted home almost 10 years ago. My Texas accent is still pronounced (a true indication I wasn't born here). Because of this, I'm often asked if I like living in Vancouver. Lately, I simply respond with "I've been here for almost ten years." In the past ten years I... Continue Reading →

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