My Cell Phone, My Home Phone and Me

And SkypeGoogle+ Hangout, and Google Voice

vintage home phoneI’m not ready! I can’t and will not justify it. I will not give up my home phone for just a cell phone and a cell phone number.

I feel I have good reason. The cell plans and costs for those plans in Canada are very different than the unlimited ones in the US. With the majority of my family in the US, I need the unlimited long distance my home phone provides. I’m not ready.

There are plenty of people who have suggested I get rid of my home phone and use Skype because it’s cheaper. But if you’ve noticed, Skype has gone through some changes since it was acquired by Microsoft. I’m not ready.

When it comes down to it, I’m not ready to give up a lot of things that are associated with my home phone:

  • my home phone number — it’s the best and easy to remember
  • the ability to block numbers — haha I blocked you!
  • folks and companies not being able to reach me WHEREVER I am and WHENEVER they want — today people expect it
  • being able to separate home and play 🙂
  • unlimited long distance in the US and Canada
  • cell phone etiquette is not universal yet (it should be) — at my home politeness and phone etiquette count

When I’m ready, I guess I will know. For now if you don’t have my cell or home phone number, you can always leave a comment.

no cell phone zone

One comment

  1. Yeah, cell phone plans here compared to the US are so different. I supposed that would hold me back but thankfully I have an unlimited plan for Canada. Though, you may want to take another look, there are a lot of North American long distance plans.

    I gave up my landline over 6 years ago. I did it because I moved around so much that the fees for moving my phone were incredible! Now, I can’t imagine it any other way.

    But, you gotta do what fits for you. Good thing there are options!

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