My Olympic Fashion Likes and/or Wants

The Olympic Closing Ceremonies were Sunday and I’m going through 2012 Olympic withdrawal. Instead of coming home to my NBC time delay, I’m searching for something to keep my attention on television.

ImageWhen the Games opened on Friday, July 27th, I was a strong critic of the fashion from various nations. As an American, I was disappointed in the Team USA Opening Ceremony outfits. Even with the “Not Made in America” controversy I wasn’t impressed. Come on, Mr. Lauren. This look reminds me of 2008 in Beijing, 2000 in Sydney, and 1964 in Tokyo. Our amazing athletes, who by they way led the medal count with 104, deserve so much more.

And I haven’t forgotten the Not Made in America scandal. The next summer Olympics are in 2016. But if Mr. Lauren is chosen to design the outfits for Team USA for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I need to you step up your game. And make sure those are made in America.

So what fashions did I like? Here are my top 5.

1. Team USA Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets don’t get old. To me they are always stylish. This is what our athletes should have worn during the Parade of Nations.

2. Team USA Mesh Polo Dress

Another great find from the 2012 Official Team USA Olympic Collection is this Team USA Mesh Polo Dress.

3. Neon Green Nike FlyKnit Trainers

Besides the athletes and their medals, these Neon Green Nike FlyKnit Trainers caught my eye on the medal stand. From FitSugar, I learned these are lightweight, made of eco-friendly material and designed to fit and feel like socks. Would you expect anything less from Nike?

4. Image

If you couldn’t tell by #3, I love bright colors. So why wouldn’t I love the Dutch field hockey team’s uniforms. If I was only 20+ years younger… maybe I could fit into one.

5. Canada Olympic Collection Womens Denim Jacket

Finally, I’m giving props to my adopted home country. I loved, loved, loved the denim jacket designed by The Hudson’s Bay Company. The casual, relaxed look was a great way to end the games.

Overall, I preferred all the fashions (yes, even Team USA) to the ones that were presented during the closing ceremonies.

Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough for haute couture?

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