I did it! I wrote a book!

There are many ways to look at December and the end of the year. In the past, it has been a time for reflection but last year it changed to one of celebration. Last December I graduated with my B.A. in Organizational Leadership. This year, I get to celebrate another personal accomplishment -- I finished … Continue reading I did it! I wrote a book!

Nichole’s New Venture

I've gone rogue. Well, not really. But I have taken a huge step that has been aligned with my dreams and desires for a long time. I have made my passion and love for helping people a reality by officially becoming a career and life coach. I've been doing this for years: helping people see … Continue reading Nichole’s New Venture

“On Dealing With Disappointment” written by Afrobella

I'm no stranger to highs and lows in my life. Disappointments have been many but I'm pleased to say I've made it through. For this reason, I felt it was necessary to share today's amazing post from Afrobella. We can all use these great words of wisdom or for some, it's a reminder.  Nevertheless, make … Continue reading “On Dealing With Disappointment” written by Afrobella

The attitude of gratitude

I've been listening to comedians and talk show hosts talk about Thanksgiving this week and everything that comes with it: turkey, hours of cooking, guests, Black Friday. Maybe a family squabble? But some people may feel they don't have any reason to give thanks. Be encouraged. There's always a reason. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. … Continue reading The attitude of gratitude