Nichole’s New Venture

I’ve gone rogue.

Well, not really. But I have taken a huge step that has been aligned with my dreams and desires for a long time.

I have made my passion and love for helping people a reality by officially becoming a career and life coach.

I’ve been doing this for years: helping people see their potential, guiding them to make decisions that would benefit them, encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and be a little risky, encouraging people to think bigger, and championing their successes. Now I’m doing it as a business.

Nichole Wesson logo

I’m using my 20+ years experience to coach people who want to be coached by someone who has seen it, lived it, believed it, and achieving it.

Why coaching? I put this into words for a post on my website. You can read it here.

Why now? Simple put, it was time. I’ve had a lot of encouragement and opportunities this year to help me get clarity about what I want for me. I talked with coaches who helped me see some of this (coaching benefit #1), helped me prepare a plan (coaching benefit #2), and recognized my strengths (coaching benefit #3). Plus, there were areas of my life that were getting uncomfortable which helped fan the flames of my desire. And here I am. Ta da!

I invite you to visit my website at and come back here and share your thoughts. You have been with me at Nichole’s Motor Mouth for so long and I appreciate your comments, feedback and thoughts.

You can also take coaching with me for a test drive. I’m offering free 40 minute coaching consultations. All you need to do is complete the form on my Services page.

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Welcome to my journey!

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