Nichole’s New Venture

I've gone rogue. Well, not really. But I have taken a huge step that has been aligned with my dreams and desires for a long time. I have made my passion and love for helping people a reality by officially becoming a career and life coach. I've been doing this for years: helping people see … Continue reading Nichole’s New Venture

Rethinking “Regret”

Recently I started looking at regret. More importantly, it was dissecting the question "Is there anything you regret?" Here's my story: After going through a 3 year separation and finally a divorce from my now ex-husband, I started to have regrets: about marrying him in the first place, moving, changing jobs, getting rid of furniture … Continue reading Rethinking “Regret”

Share Your Wisdom

Share your wisdom because there is someone who can use it. One of the greatest things about getting older is the experience we pick up along the way. It doesn't matter if it comes from work, education, volunteering, or just living life, the experience and knowledge we acquire can be a godsend to a new generation or … Continue reading Share Your Wisdom