“Look it up”

I happened to run across this story posted on Yahoo! today:

‘Who is Rodney King?’ ‘Who is Dick Clark?’ ‘The Titanic was real?!?’ How death, major news events expose Twitter’s generation gap

Are you kidding me?

I ask the question in jest because I know the answer. Being an avid fan and follower on Twitter, I’ve seen people share these ridiculous and yet sad tweets. My gut reaction is to say the same thing my mom would tell me when I asked her for a definition, a question about history or anything else.

“Look it up!”

encyclopediaThe only information highway I knew growing up was the encyclopedia, Webster’s Dictionary, and a pocket Roget’s Thesaurus. If you were lucky, your household owned a full set of the encyclopedia. If not, one or two was better than nothing. And if you didn’t have a set at home, there was always one place you could go to borrow the books although not take it home. It was called a library and guess what? They still exist.

Newspapers were actual paper and sometimes even delivered to your home. They carried “news” stories. A big yellow book was placed on your door step at least once a year (called Yellow Pages).

How is it that the people who ask these questions…about HISTORY (often using terrible English) own smartphones, iPads, and computers? They see these topics trending and innocently ask for an update from their friends. I’m beginning to believe that if they have to ask the question, maybe they shouldn’t own these very pricey devices in the first place.

Or better yet, they should use those devices to access this fantastic new Internet site (founded in 1998) called Google. I recommend the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Google makes it so easy to “look it up.”

Google home page


  1. When will today’s youth realize a lot is 2 words, there is a difference between lose and loose, and you don’t win the other team, you beat them. You don’t wish someone “Have a nice day” when they’re grocery shopping at 10PM. The visor on your cap was meant to be on the front to keep the sun out of your eyes and nobody needs to see your underwear because your pants are down around your knees. And Google is the greates information tool there is, so why not use it instead of showing your ignorance by asking stupid questions?

    • Thank you, Mr. Chick, for commenting on my blog post. I believe kids can and will value history, simple English, and etiquette when their parents value the same and make it an important part of their daily lives.

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