For Your Consideration: Actors who are due for an Oscar

After watching the Golden Globes and considering how often "snub" was written after the Academy Award nominations announcement last week, I couldn't help but think of the actors who I believe are due for an Oscar. Each year, the performances in the four Best Acting categories are amazing. I believe this is why my list of actors … Continue reading For Your Consideration: Actors who are due for an Oscar

Are your constituents your customers?

As you know, I’m not one for all the political “mess.” I don’t think I’ve ever been undecided in the years I’ve been able to vote. I typically know who I will vote for and unless they make a huge, colossal goof, that’s the name I will check on my ballot. What has been catching … Continue reading Are your constituents your customers?

Think Before You Speak (Or Write)

On January 25th, my horoscope in The Globe and Mail read: Be careful what you say today because if you are not careful in your choice of words someone could take it the wrong way and cause a scene. Better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing. This was a sign for me … Continue reading Think Before You Speak (Or Write)

Hollywood may need to use disclaimers

I love movies. Always have. But Hollywood needs to be careful with the movies they produce. I think they should start using disclaimers with the opening credits. The reason is simple: Folks are bat s#!+ crazy! Case in point: Czech man tried to take 247 animals on plane When I heard this story on the … Continue reading Hollywood may need to use disclaimers