Living Single

The title of this post, Living Single, has nothing to do with one of my favorite shows of the 90s. Check out a clip: It has everything to do with living single. I'm always amazed at how many questions and/or comments I get regarding me being single. The most popular question is the shortest one: … Continue reading Living Single

Tips for Surviving Divorce

It's been more than several years since my divorce was final. I've had my ups and downs but mostly I've taken a lot of time to feel "ready" for a new relationship. Now that I feel I'm ready, I thought I would share some tips based on my experience for surviving a divorce. Find your … Continue reading Tips for Surviving Divorce

Rethinking “Regret”

Recently I started looking at regret. More importantly, it was dissecting the question "Is there anything you regret?" Here's my story: After going through a 3 year separation and finally a divorce from my now ex-husband, I started to have regrets: about marrying him in the first place, moving, changing jobs, getting rid of furniture … Continue reading Rethinking “Regret”

What’s in a name?

"Bond, James Bond.""They call me Mr. Tibbs."I have recently started the long process of changing my name. No, not to hide from the feds (funny!) but returning back to my maiden name.Since September 2000, I used the last name of my ex-husband. Now seven years later, I choose to return to my maiden name after … Continue reading What’s in a name?