Why sports are critical in the fight for racial justice

Players and teams must take a stand against racism and injustice because it affect their communities. It affects those that look like them. It makes people pay attention. And you cannot turn away.

Happy Thanksgiving

I've lived outside of the US for over 10 years now and I always get a little homesick on Thanksgiving. Luckily, that's not the case this year for one simple reason...my mom is not cooking. Happy Thanksgiving!

Are your constituents your customers?

As you know, I’m not one for all the political “mess.” I don’t think I’ve ever been undecided in the years I’ve been able to vote. I typically know who I will vote for and unless they make a huge, colossal goof, that’s the name I will check on my ballot. What has been catching … Continue reading Are your constituents your customers?

My Cell Phone, My Home Phone and Me

And Skype, Google+ Hangout, and Google Voice I'm not ready! I can't and will not justify it. I will not give up my home phone for just a cell phone and a cell phone number. I feel I have good reason. The cell plans and costs for those plans in Canada are very different than the unlimited ones … Continue reading My Cell Phone, My Home Phone and Me