Living Single

The title of this post, Living Single, has nothing to do with one of my favorite shows of the 90s. Check out a clip:

It has everything to do with living single.

I’m always amazed at how many questions and/or comments I get regarding me being single. The most popular question is the shortest one: Why?

Several years ago my TCM doctor, Dr. Wang, told me that we are not meant to be alone. I found that a very interesting thing to say to me because at the time I was separated and planning for a divorce. It was hard to believe him through the hurt and pain I was feeling at the time.

Eventually, I got over my ex and started considering Dr. Wang’s words of wisdom (just a few he would share with me over the years). I believe what he says but I also know and believe you have to be “ready” for a relationship. I’m not sure I am ready yet. And that’s ok.

When the time is right and I’m ready to share my life with someone AND that person wants to truly share their life with me, it will happen.

Until that time, I am living single and choosing to enjoy that life.


  1. Loved that show! Thanks for the clip. Sometimes people should just mind their own business! I didn’t get married for the first time till I was 45 and don’t regret the years spent single.

    • Thanks for your comment and congrats on the marriage!

      I truly believe that when we are ready, really ready for whatever in our lives, it will come to us.

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