Nichole’s New Venture

I've gone rogue. Well, not really. But I have taken a huge step that has been aligned with my dreams and desires for a long time. I have made my passion and love for helping people a reality by officially becoming a career and life coach. I've been doing this for years: helping people see... Continue Reading →

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child.  ~African Proverb I don't know of anyone who hasn't heard this quote before. I would amend it and say the same goes for adults. The village many of us had as children should become more important to us as adults. Why? Our circles expand.  We attend school.... Continue Reading →


I was listening to Essence Magazine's "Black Women In Hollywood" livestream and heard something powerful and meaningful from Iyanla Vanzant. She said a woman needs a posse. I had already planned to write a post about the power of female friendships. Iyanla confirmed I should with her statement. There's power in true female friendships. These are... Continue Reading →

Living Single

The title of this post, Living Single, has nothing to do with one of my favorite shows of the 90s. Check out a clip: It has everything to do with living single. I'm always amazed at how many questions and/or comments I get regarding me being single. The most popular question is the shortest one:... Continue Reading →

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